So my day at Field days last Saturday went something like this. Tractor – tractor – coffee – cheeeeese – gumboots – beef jerky – coffee-tractor – gumboots – cheese – beef jerky – tractor.  Field days is a big agricultural show, just outside Hamilton, showcasing the latest farm equipment, local products and produce. Good fun, and a good way to check out the locals.


IMG_8640 IMG_8642 IMG_8644 IMG_8652 IMG_8654 IMG_8655

IMG_8758 IMG_8660 IMG_8666 IMG_8670 IMG_8672 IMG_8687

IMG_8723 IMG_8728 IMG_8741

IMG_8745 IMG_8754

5 thoughts on “Fieldays

    1. Oh thank you :)) Auckland is a beautiful city on sunny day. So fingers crossed you’ll be lucky with the weather! If you are only staying here for a day, you have to check out Wynyard quarters, nice area with many restaurants and cafes and just nice to go for a walk. Or you can get a ferry to Devonport, nice old neghbourhood, and if you climb up Mt Victoria the views are great! I also love Mt Eden – its is actually a volcano, if you get to the very top (will be easier to get a taxi there), you can look into the crater and also see the whole city from above. There isn’t that much to do on a main street in the CBD, so do make sure you make your way to the waterfront.

      Sky Tower is the main attraction of course, the restaurant at the top is nice, but a little pricey. There are sooo many nice Japanese and Korean restaurants, and all very authentic. I see you are staying at a hotel on High Street (its my dream to stay at De Brett one day! :)), I love one cafe close by. Called the shelf (50 High St), their iced coffee is an experience in itself. In a good way. And I also love sushi train on Courthouse lane, also very close by. Ahh actually food in most places is really good, more elegant meals and pies and coffee 🙂

      I hope you’ll like it here! New Zealand is an amazing country :))

      1. Hi There,
        We are at debrett and it is gorgeous! We tooled around not letting jet lag get the best of us today- the aquarium, the maritime museum, the fish market lots of exploring and walking! We will head out for an all day tour tomorrow and go to mt.eden. Thank you for being so thoughtful in your response and recommendations- can’t wait for the ice coffee tomorrow!

      2. Oh great! Im very happy to hear that you are enjoying it so far! Shame about the weather :/ speaking of traveling, I booked a ticket to the states any suggestions regarding LA-Las Vegas- Chicago and NY are welcome 🙂 or any other places we can explore there.

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