Shopping in Osaka

This is how the story goes.   A few months ago I was lucky enough to go to Osaka. What a nice city, I have to say! As it often happens, it was one of those solo trips that I do quite often. However, that trip to Japan was rather memorable,  because in every city I visited, I met some lovely people. No, really, very interesting people, from different backgrounds, some came from far, a few were based almost in the same area as myself. I’ve met some locals too. So in Osaka, I met up with emmm… let’s just say a fellow traveller of my good friend. They met somewhere in Scandinavia I think, or Baltics?  Even before planning to visit Osaka I’ve heard many stories about this nice Japanese guy from Osaka,who had a small shop full of interesting things. I also remember that he told my friend Andrew that Superdry Japan brand is not actually Japanese and I think it broke his heart, and my too a little bit, because we always thought that it was.

Just before the trip Andrew put me in touch with this nice Japanese guy (Kosuke), who kindly showed me around Osaka. And obviously I had to check out his store too. It is shame that the store is tucked away in a residential area, and to be honest, it gets beary little visibility from the street. It is overflowing with cute things! (I bought a few souvenirs (of course I did!)).

Surprisingly enough, I still think of his shop every day, because when I get ready every morning I look at my table cloth and a mysterious bear that doesn’t want to reveal his face,which are some of the things I bought at the shop. I also have a cutie badge with a budgie, which everyone tries to pick of my cardigan (I’m wearing it today). And hopefully my buddies around the globe still have their little pressies. So here is a little excursion down the memory lane, and a shout out to Kosuke, my nice guide around Osaka, who showed me many interesting things around town which I wouldn’t be able to find myself :).

The store is called Pins. I would call it cutie overflowing match box.



DSCF61281 DSCF61291 DSCF61301 DSCF61321 DSCF61341 DSCF61351 DSCF61361 DSCF61421

DSCF61271 DSCF61301 DSCF61221 DSCF61191


And here is how my souvenirs adapted at home..starting with a mysterious bear on the background, pin and my favourite table cloth.


IMG_93531 IMG_93471 IMG_93421

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