reminiscing of old times…Prague

Earlier today I accidentally came across some of my old pictures from beautiful Prague. I called Prague home for just over six month back in 2012/2013. Good times and bad times, it was a great experience, random decision to run away and then living overseas with no friends, no plan and limited finances. On my last day, I packed my bags, then packed a couple … Continue reading reminiscing of old times…Prague

Buda and Pest

Budapest is one of the largest cities in Europe and is the capital of Hungary. Some might say that the most glorious days are behind it and parts of the city look a little neglected. However, it is just sooo beautiful and so grand, you can ignore the rough bits.┬áBudapest is a relatively recent construct – the result of a merger between two distinct cities: … Continue reading Buda and Pest

Babushkas rule the world

This is my grandma, or babushka as I prefer to call her. She is in her 80’s and lives in a one bedroom flat in Minsk, Belarus. When I think of her, first things that spring into my mind are how neat and tidy she is, her red lampshade in the living room, old school phone and her enormous supply of pickled veg and jams. … Continue reading Babushkas rule the world