We eat coffee for breakfast. Chemex edition

If money, space and time wasn’t an issue I would gift myself a lovely espresso machine. A shiny orange beauty! Unfortunately I will have to save up for just a weeeee bit longer before I go out to buy one. So what are my options? Buying an espresso on the way to work is a nice treat, although it works out to be a bit expensive. The thing which … Continue reading We eat coffee for breakfast. Chemex edition

Weekly inspirations

To help you feel inspired in time for the weekend (and maybe do something productive), check out these inspirational articles/videos – aka some neat things I’ve discovered on the internet this week. These awesome double exposure animal portraits. From this place.   This moving LED chandelier This video reminds me of my friend Denis with a dream of spending a few months at sea. Part … Continue reading Weekly inspirations

Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World by Julia Rothman

A loving celebration of sunsets and salamanders, ferns and feathers, mountains and mushrooms, and the whole enchanting aliveness in between. A beautiful and very practical coffee table book. If you’re like me, and absorb more useful information from pictures and diagrams, Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World is the right book for you. Beautifully illustrated, it is a fusion of … Continue reading Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World by Julia Rothman

Hungry bear’s guide to yum char

With an increasing Asian population in New Zealand, yum char restaurants are not exactly a novelty in Auckland. What exactly is yum char and how do you eat it? Yum char literally means ‘’drink tea‘‘ in Chinese,  and is referred to a process of.. well drinking tea and sampling a selection of sweet and savoury dishes around lunch time. Best way to enjoy it is … Continue reading Hungry bear’s guide to yum char


Freesia is a genus of about 20 species of South African flowering plants of the Iris Family “Iridaceae.” Named in honor of Friederich Heinrich Theodor Freese, a German Physician and a student of South African plants. One of the most popular freesia varieties is named Ballerina Unlike most other flowers, where the white varieties smell most strongly, pink and red varieties have the strongest scent. … Continue reading Freesias

Field guide to snowflakes

Here I am, walking to work one day, excited about falling snow and a crisp winter day outside. And then boom! Got hit by a snowflake right in the eye! No worries, I thought to myself, if only I could get a closer look. If you feel like that too, here is a field guide to snowflakes. A clever chap, Kenneth Libbrecht, did some extensive research … Continue reading Field guide to snowflakes

Babushkas rule the world

This is my grandma, or babushka as I prefer to call her. She is in her 80’s and lives in a one bedroom flat in Minsk, Belarus. When I think of her, first things that spring into my mind are how neat and tidy she is, her red lampshade in the living room, old school phone and her enormous supply of pickled veg and jams. … Continue reading Babushkas rule the world