Sapporo – searching for a winter wonderland

All I knew about Sapporo before going there was that it gets pretty cold up there, they make good beer and it is kinda in the middle of nowhere. Oh and of course they get a lot of snow. After a short, but rather eventful trip there, I know just a little bit more, but somehow I totally fell in love with the region and … Continue reading Sapporo – searching for a winter wonderland

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O for Osaka

The most convenient way to get to the city from the airport – Unlike in some other regions in Japan, in Kansai, getting a regional JR pass will not necessary provide the best value for your buck. The cheapest and the most convenient option is a pre-loaded ICOCA card which you can purchase at the airport. Basically, it is just a reusable travel card, and you … Continue reading O for Osaka