God save the Queen a.k.a thank you for the long weekend

I definitely enjoy being out and about on the weekends. This long, Queen’s birthday weekend was not an exception. Nothing too extravagant, just a nice long stroll around Auckland city, lunch at a rural cafe and exploration of a beach not too far away from the city.

If you want to follow my foot steps, here are some directions.

*Auckland Museum  – Auckland Domain, Newmarket. Free entrance for local residents, 25 nzd for foreigners.

*Tawharanui Regional Park – beautiful beach, long bush walks, great spot for a picnic. 45 mins drive from Auckland City.

*Auckland has a thriving coffee culture, and you really don’t have to go far to find an excellent cup of coffee. One of my favourite cafes is still a glass box at number 1 Queen st. It used to be called “Number one cafe”, it is “The  glass box” now, but the quality of the coffee hasn’t changed. I have to say, that guys that work there are way more relaxed and friendly than girls.

*Documentary Film Festival has finished in Auckland for another year, but it is coming to Wellington later this week. The are some good films out there, although unfortunately, it is a bit of a hit and miss situation. Some films are excellent, and then you can get a really weird one.

*Last, but not least, this thing on a picture below is called lamington, from a cafe also called Lamingtons in Matakana. Sponge filled with cream and a sugared cherry for decoration. I had no idea they are so nice until today. What can I say? I’ve been missing out!


IMG_82411 IMG_82431 IMG_82501 IMG_82551 IMG_82611 IMG_82691 IMG_82711 IMG_82871 IMG_82891 IMG_82931 IMG_82961 IMG_82991 IMG_83261 IMG_83291 IMG_83441 IMG_83511 IMG_83951 IMG_84021 IMG_84341 IMG_84621 IMG_84721 IMG_84781 IMG_84881


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