A good day

Today was a good day! Yes, it was pouring down with rain and the only word I have to describe the weather is utterly miserable. Another friend is off to the big smoke, looking for adventures in Europe. Am I jealous? Of course I am. However, looking at some of the pictures I took over the summer months I remembered why I wanted to come back to Auckland. A good dinner with nice company also helped of course. Oh and my annual leave finally got the tick of approval. Something tells me that today might be a good day to start planning the next holiday?

new zealand-auckland-piha-beach

new zealand, south island, Canterbury, hanmer springs

new zealand, south island, spring

new zealand, south island, spring, cherry blossom

hanmer springs, south island, south island, daffodils

south island, new zealand, mountains, road

scone, date scone, new zealand

new zealand, south island, lake, queenstown

daisy, flowers, south island, auckland

queenstown, south island, new zealand

lake, new zealand, birds

flowers, freesias, new zealand

south island, new zealand, lake

new zealand, greenery, south island

south island

piha beach, new zealand, auckland

auckland, new zealand, piha beach


6 thoughts on “A good day

  1. Березки и цветочки какие-то совсем не новозеландские)

  2. Gorgeous photos! I’m currently experiencing the longest travel dry spell ever. Super jealous of anyone who is travelling or making travel plans. But you’re right, Auckland isn’t the worst place to be.

    1. Ahh me too! Took a while to convince my boss that I must go away for a few weeks hehe :))

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