All I want for Christmas is you… and 25 other things

All I want for Xmas… is you… and you… and youuuu

I am not greedy. But it is that time of the year when you see hundreds of gift guides and suggestions for the very best Xmas gifts. I also like presents and over the last couple of weeks I have accumulated a few book marks on my computer with things I’d like to buy (at some stage). Every time I get paid.. something else comes up, so my wish list is slowly getting longer and longer.

So if money was no object, here is what I would like to find under a very special Xmas tree (a real one!).

Metro cuffs

I’ve already got one of the Berlin metro map. I would also love to have one of London, New York and Chicago. Some of my favourite cities ❤


A camera bag that does not look like a camera bag

One of those please

Gifts you can make yourself for others 

Animal door knobs

9-animal-hooks 12-diy-animal-hooks1I can never have enough t-shirts bear tshirtI’m a little obsessed with big rings. Something like this will do nicely.

il_570xN.486277159_duwp (1)

How good are you with watering plants? I’m slacking off a little. That’s why I must have a pot like this. Any colour would do.
Apart from bears I also like things with snowflakes or star prints. This scarf will keep you warm and looks pretty cool too. Especially if you know what it is!

scarf Star “catalogue” aka astronomical year book


I am always on the lookout for a good leather bag. This would do just nicely.

11premiumochreangle 0019

Ahh a pretty case for my tablet. I’ve been following the girl who makes neat cases and wash bags, she is a hard worker for sure.


There are also a handful of magazines that I love. But they are a bit too deer to buy on a regular basis.

If only I had a bike with a basket again! I can just see myself riding around a small town with a little dog sitting in the basket 😉

reid_ladies_vintage_7_speed_classic__coffee_80877-340x197 (1)

While looking for some stuff on Etsy.. I came across this rather this peculiar thing. I don’t actually want it, but I guess there could be some takers? Next year the seller promises RAT, JUMBO RAT, HAMSTER, GUINEA PIG & SQUIRELL kits too. That’s wonderful!


On a slightly different note…if you never have enough wrapping paper or would like to try something different this year, Justina Blakeney came up with a selection of awesome ideas using eco friendly materials, bits and bobs and craft paper. Here is the link.


Happy holidays lovely people!

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