Packing like a pro

At the end of this week I will embark on a much awaited adventure! With quite a few things on my mind at the moment I am kind of looking forward to it and kind of not. With an early flight on Saturday I should really start packing soon!

I have a problem though. This is what I think I will look like when I get to the airport

paddyi.e looking cool, one bag, one jacket, one hat. This is more like what I will look like on Saturday morning.

bear with bags

To prevent this from happening and save some time trying to figure out what to pack I resorted to the help of Google for some pro packing tips. Here are my favorites in pictures and words. Happy packing and happy travels!

Step 1

Roll your clothes. Rolling rather than flat-folding your outfits saves a huuuge amount of space. Rolls can be packed together tightly in a way that folded clothes cannot. Bonus: rolling your clothes also reduces wrinkling. I swear by this tip and it has never let me down!

Step 2

Pack lightweight, wrinkle-resistant fabrics. The less bulky your clothing, the less space it takes up in your suitcase. The best choice is a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend or thin merino wool. Merino doesn’t smell, doesn’t wrinkle and is super lightweight.

Step 3

Pack mix-and-match separates. This increases the versatility of your wardrobe, allowing you to construct different outfits from fewer individual items. Yes, you can wear that pair of jeans more than once if you bring different tops.

Step 4

Pack from heaviest to lightest. This order makes it easier for the items to compress when the suitcase closes.

Step 5

Avoid bringing heavy garments even in winter. Heavy coats out, ultra light down jackets are in. Plus thermals and extra layers – problem solved.

Step 6

You really don’t need to bring more than one-two pairs of comfy shoes. I usually try to pack one pair of sneakers and one pair of dressy flats. Heels look pretty but take up too much space in the suitcase! Minimize the number of pairs you bring along and stash them along the sides of your bag before adding your rolls of clothing.

It pays to wear bulky shoes (for eg hiking boots) on the plane but please make sure to pack a spare pair of socks if you are planning to take shoes off on the plain.

Last but not least…pack your toiletry bag on top for easy removal during security inspections. No one wants to be that annoying person holing up the whole line!

Infographic-Hacks-For-Packing-Your-Suitcase guide-to-efficient-packing_533c140042306_w1500


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