A night in a Silo

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have a short break (more like an extra long weekend!) in South Island of New Zealand. The original plan was to spend a few days on the mountain, but it is too warm now… so we had to make a few changes in the iteniary and settle for a relaxing time in Canterbury. A night in Little River (a little village an hour drive from Christchurch), and another night in Hanmer Springs, which is like a hot pools paradise, just over an hour drive from Christchurch too, but in the opposite direction.

The highlight of the trip was this hotel, called Silo Stay. Basically, you stay in self contained accommodation, which happens to be your own converted grain silo. Attention to detail when it comes to finishing touches and décor is amazing. It is small, unusual and very practical. With some additional storage I would love to call one home. It is not cheap (as we paid 180 nzd per night), but the experience is totally worth it. An inspiration place to live a more sustainable, simple and tidy life 🙂

IMG_9621 IMG_9609IMG_9617IMG_9612IMG_9600IMG_9597IMG_9598


For more info, address and booking info here is the official website.


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