Window gazing

Around two or so years ago I was stuck on a plane, for a very long time, especially by my standards. What do you do for 12 hours x 2 ? I stare out of the window. Unfortunately in my case, I saw nothing. The sky and ocean are exactly the same colour, with a few clouds and when the sun goes down it’s just pitch black out there. So there I was, wishing for a view or something interesting to do. Then this semi-brilliant idea came into my mind. What if I start a collection of photos of windows from different places I go to and then put them all together? Brilliant isn’t it?  Anyway, the idea came but didn’t materialise.

I didn’t  forget about it though, and kept on taking random pictures like this. So here is part one. Looking back at it now, it is amazing to see how different my life used to be and how many places I’ve now seen.  If you would like to share your photos, please send them through to natallia.y[at] The last photo here was sent to me by a fellow bear, after I mentioned the idea to him. Flying Yetti Air over the Himalayas (home to Mt. Everest). Not a bad view, right?

dresdenMy preferred way to travel – catching  a train to Dresden, Germany.

Seoul Hongdae 13Seoul, South Korea.

AucklandAuckland, New Zealand.

Berlin 2 Jan 12Berlin, Germany.

Berlin winter Jan 12Interrogation Center in Berlin.

England Dec 12Christmas on an English farm, England.

Karlovi vari 2 Sept 12Karlovy Vari, Czech Republic.

MinskMinsk, Belarus.

Narita Jan 11Tokyo, Japan.

Paris Jan 13Paris, France.

Poland Sept 12Warsaw, Poland.

Prague Aug 12 2First day at my old flat in Prague, Czech Republic.

Prague Sept 12 2Prague, Czech Republic.

San Fran 11San Francisco, USA.

Seoul Oct 13Seoul, South Korea.

Vienna Dec 12Vienna, Austria.

Beppu Japan Sept 13Beppu, Japan.

Minsk  Jan 2013Minsk, Belarus (my grandma’s window).

Prague Sept 12Prague, Czech Republic.

Train Belarus Jan 13On my way to a small town in rural Belarus.

YettiFlying over the Himalayas.

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