Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

The website llamafont.com serves only one purpose – anything you type is changed into llama characters. Because, well, why wouldn’t you want to write something in llamas? They make everything better. If only there was a website where you can write in bears.


Again, an extremely “useful” thing I can’t wait to try. It kind of goes together with llamas. Think llamas, alpacas, ponchos and pompoms.  I am yet to test this out, but they look pretty cool. Pompoms with letters, flowers or animal faces. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Instructions are here on Mr Printable’s website.



Last, but not least is a practical thing. I live in Korea, but as the time goes on I am struggling to learn the language, which rules out being able to read local magazines and newspapers. If you have a PC tablet, or a good-sized smart phone, Zinio app (available free of charge) can become your friend too. It has an amazing selection of magazines, newspapers and articles from worldwide publishers. I really wish I knew about it earlier. You do have to pay for the magazines, but since you are only getting a digital edition, the price is significantly lower. They also send you lots of vouchers with either money to spend on single editions or subscriptions. I have already bought a few magazines and of course a subscription to New Zealand’s Readers Digest  (16 NZD for a year! Cheap as chips.) since it is so amazing. Money well spent he-he.


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