Gyeongdong Oriental Medicine Market in Seoul

The most traditional Korean market in Seoul, it is walking distance from Jegi station (line 1). It smells like herbs, cinnamon, liquorice and ginseng. The whole place is jam packed with bizarre oriental ingredients such as roots, antlers and dried frogs and apparently lizards! Why would you want to go there? To get some fresh produce, submerge in a local community and try some dishes … Continue reading Gyeongdong Oriental Medicine Market in Seoul

Korean Sauna (Jimjilbang)

Over the last couple of years I came across and visited a number of spas and saunas. There were Turkish, Hungarian, Czech,  Japanese and a more simple more, which I’d like to call gym-style. My favourite one is still Korean Jimjilbang. Koreans take their kimchi seriously, and so they do their saunas. Here are  a few things you should know about local saunas: 1. Pay … Continue reading Korean Sauna (Jimjilbang)